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Located in the heart of the Niagara region of Canada, Art2 is the result of over 35 years of creativity, collaboration and partnership. Founded by husband and wife team Mark & Lynn Beaudry, Art2 houses all of their creative endeavors under one roof. Whether that be Lynn’s bespoke, made by hand crafts, or Mark’s graphic design and artwork, Art2 is the home for all of their work.

A part of the Art2 family, HockeyArtwork.ca is where you can find all of Mark’s hockey centric art and merchandise. Founded in 2021, Hockey Artwork by Art2 started as a way for Mark to honour the sport and legends that he has followed his entire life. From the great Montreal and Boston rivalry in the 1970’s, to the wacky antics of the California Golden Seals, to today’s modern superstars of Crosby and Matthews, Mark has watched a lot of hockey. All of that watching and cheering has led Mark to a profound joy and reverence for the game and its players that is visible in all of his pieces. Whether it’s a print or a piece of clothing, displaying HockeyArtwork.ca’s exclusive style will show everyone how important the sport is to you as well.

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